Thursday, October 4, 2012

Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that involves applying a laser light to the skin in order to remove unwanted hair. This procedure can successfully remove hair from the face, bikini line, abdomen, legs, arms, thighs and chest. The number of people seeking to get laser hair removal has increased drastically in the past couple of years. This procedure has gained popularity because it is a great alternative to other hair removal methods. However, there are still a lot of uninformed opinions about this perfectly safe process. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about this procedure:
Myth #1: It is permanent
One of the main reasons that many people opt to get laser hair removal is because they think that the results are permanent. Even though there have been several cases reported of people who have never had to shave or wax again after getting this procedure, permanent results are not guaranteed. The light from the laser damages the follicle. This makes it harder for the hair to grow, but it may not stop the growth completely. If the hair does grow back, it will be lighter and sparser than it was before.
Myth #2: You do not have to go a medical clinic
Laser hair removal is commonly performed at spas and beauty shops. However, it is best to go to a doctor-supervised clinic to get this procedure done. Most of the complications that have reported occurred as the result of a person getting this procedure done by someone who was not qualified.
Myth #3: The procedure is extremely painful
Pain is one of the things that deters people from getting laser hair removal. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure is not extremely painful. Even though the threshold of pain can vary from person to person, most people compare the pain to being popped with a rubber band. In fact, some people have even stated that it is less painful than electrolysis or waxing. Furthermore, a cooling gel will be applied to the skin prior to this procedure, which can also reduce the pain.
Myth #4: The procedure is not effective on certain skin colours
Even though laser hair removal works best on fair-skinned people, it can still be performed on dark-skinned people. The technician will simply have to use a different type of laser. Thousands of dark-skinned people have had success with this procedure.
Myth #5: This is expensive
While the actual procedure is quite expensive, many people can still afford it. People will only have to get four to six treatments before they can see the results. Laser hair removal can actually help a person save money over time because it reduces the need to wax or use electrolysis.
Myth #6: This is dangerous
Laser hair removal is an extremely safe procedure. This procedure only damages the follicle. The laser does not penetrate deep enough to affect the internal organs.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Muscles And Movement

Almost half of the body's weight is muscle. It is a body part specialized to get shorter, or contract, when it receives nerve signals from the brain. Most muscles are long and strap-shaped. They taper at each end into ropelike tendons which attach firmly to bones. When it contracts, it pulls the bone and moves that part of the body. This sounds simple, but the process of moving is incredibly complicated. There are more than 640 muscles, and they hardly ever work alone. They usually work in teams to pull, tilt, and twist several bones at once. Also, as one part moves, such as when you hold your arm out sideways, muscles in the other parts need to work too. Your back and front muscles tense to take the strain, and your leg muscles shift weight to keep you balanced. The result is a smooth, coordinated movement, without your falling over!
A typical muscle is made of bundles of muscle fibers, or myofibrils. Each fiber is a bundle of even thinner parts, muscle fibrils or myofibrils. And in turn again, each fibril contains bundles of long thin stringy substances known as actin and myosin. When a muscle contracts, the actins slide past the myosin's, like rows of people pulling ropes. As million of actins and myosins do this, the whole muscle gets shorter.
About 60 muscles in the face, head, and neck produce our huge range of facial expressions. Some of these them are joined, not to ones, but to other ones. For example, the frontalis muscles in your forehead can raise your eyebrows in a questioning way. Smiling is easier than frowning. A grin requires 20 muscles, while a grimace uses more than 40.
A muscle can get shorter and pull. But it cannot make a pushing force, so most of them are arranged in opposing teams, one team pulls the body part one way. Then the other team pulls it back again. As each team pulls, the other relaxes and gets stretched. For example, muscles in the rear of the thigh pull the leg back at the hip and knee. Then opposing muscles in the front of the thigh quickly swing the leg forward and straightened the knee; KICK!
Many muscles, especially those in the arms and legs, are long and slim. As they contract, they bulge in the middle, at the part called the belly. But there are many other muscle shapes. The movements they produce depend on which other muscles are working at the same time, to tense or stabilize other parts of the body.
The information gathered in order to write this article is from my notes written by me in the first year of my college and now after some alteration in that information, i came up with this piece of writing.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Add Juicing to Your Lifestyle

One of the best ways to improve your health is to join the growing number of people who are juicing. Not only does it boost your health and well-being, it can also save you money and provide you with a new hobby at the same time. You can stop drinking store-bought juices if you take a look at the many juicing machines available and go ahead and purchase one of the best juice machines you can find. You don't have much choice in the way of flavor with juice you purchase in a store. Let us show you some tips as to how you can include juicing in your lifestyle and become healthier.
Choose a Range of Available Produce
Variety is important when juicing. Using a variety of colored and flavored fruit and vegetables will ensure you achieve a good balance of nutrients. You can combine fruits with fruits, vegetables with vegetables as well as fruits and vegetables together. A masticating juicer will juice wheat grass and leafy greens.
Ditch Soda
You will need to stop consuming soda. The sugar in it is very bad for you. As such, it isn't adding any health benefits to a healthy lifestyle. If you drink homemade juice instead, you have an opportunity to consume enzymes and other nutrients which can be of benefit to your overall health. The best way to extract nutrients from produce is with a masticating juicer because they are the best juice machines for this purpose.
Try Juicing with Friends
Try juicing with others for fun. Juicing with others can be a lot more fun with others because you can swap and compare recipes. See what others are doing with their juicing because they might have thought of something you haven't. It's a great way to enjoy being at home, using your kitchen for something healthy and fun. You'll never know what you will make up. Juicing is a great family activity and it is a good habit for children to discover.
Branch Out and Experiment
Favorites are great, but so are new recipes. Add something you normally wouldn't, like a spice. You might create a new favorite, so don't forget to write it down. Shopping will take on a new dimension as you start to hunt down bulk produce discounts. Juicing is a fun way to improve your lifestyle and is easy too. If you stick with some of these tips you'll be making delicious fruit juices before you know it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to Expect During a Well-Baby Check-Up

During the first year of a baby's life, the pediatrician will carefully monitor everything about them. This is to make sure that your baby is growing properly and getting the right kinds of nutrition. During a well-baby check-up the doctor will carefully examine your baby from head to toe. These doctor's visits continue throughout the first two years starting at every two weeks then four weeks then after a few months. Being diligent about having your baby examined by their doctor will help alleviate any medical surprises later on.
First the doctor will take your child's measurements. Tracking height and weight during the first year is helpful to doctors and parents. It helps measure your baby's growth and also identify if there is a problem with their growth that may not be manifesting through other symptoms. After the measurements are completed the doctor will inspect the baby's head. Primarily he will be looking to measure the space between gaps in a baby's head. These spaces are left during fetal development so that the brain has room to grow and expand. Over time the soft spots or gaps between the skull bones will fuse together. In the meantime, it is important to be very careful with a baby and his surroundings. The smallest knock on the head can cause damage.
The next step in a well-baby check is to monitor the ears, eyes and mouth. Over the first few months your child becomes more reactive to the stimulants around her. In the doctors' office it is expected that your child will respond to noise and light. Additionally, the pediatrician will make sure that there is no fluid build in up in the ears which can lead to ear infections or other problems. In the mouth, the doctor will be checking for signs of thrush. Finally the physician will inspect the baby for bruises, rashes, birthmarks and jaundice. There are many indications on a baby's skin that can be related to a medical disorder. It is very important that at home you monitor any birthmarks or rashes and take the child to the doctors if they get worse or spread.
Caring for a child is a lifelong commitment but the hardest period is the first year of their life. There are hundreds of disorders and medical conditions that a baby can develop throughout the first 12 to 18 months. For this reason it is important that parents are diligent in taking their child to the doctor's office and having them perform routine examinations. Most parents have nothing to worry about. As long as you are maintaining the best care possible at home, your child will likely grow up to be happy and healthy. During a well child check, your pediatrician can also watch for signs of genetic conditions that may manifest in your child.
Even after a child passes the toddler years, it is important to maintain regular clinical visits at least once a year. The more medical history that is on record, the easier it is for a doctor to determine the cause of an illness in the future.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Importance Of Coconut Water

With the increase in competition in business, there are lots of coconut juice alternatives. Most people are now confused on which one to take and which one to leave and which one is defined to serve the purpose the juice performs. The juice is regarded as one of the very best juices in the category of fruit juice. The reason behind this is because it is very cheap and thus most if not everyone can afford to have it. Above that, the juice from coconut is rich in minerals which are essential for our health.
Importance of coconut juice.
The reason why we most have the coconut juice is the fact that it is capable of detoxifying the toxic substances which are present in our body system, and especially in women who at time suffer irregular menstruation or pimples.
The juice can help much on health balancing. Some people take the coconut juice to cure diseases which are caused by very high acid levels in the body. This is because it is alkaline by itself and thus will provide a neutral base for the acidic presence.
The juice of coconut has the capability of getting rid of the parasites present in the body and also helps in recovering those who are vomiting or those who have diarrhea. it may reduce the risk of cancer and AIDS. The juice is safe for drinking, unlike the soft drinks, and everyone can use it for day-to-day drinking as refreshment.
Coconut water makes our body strong and aids our body in fights viruses. Also cleanses our digestive system tracts.
Besides health point of view coconut juice may help in beauty fitness and growth. Coconut juice improves poor circulation of contains that nutrients which presents in mothers milk. This natural beverage helps to reduce weight.
We can use it as a beauty treatments if having blackheads and other kinds of acne apply coconut juice as a mask and if don't have a time to application on face just wash it your face with it. For maximum results we can also combine water with other ingredients. it cleanses our skin. Many people use it as a toner and claims that coconut water also helped in get rid of acne and small pox scars.
Coconut water is one of the best drinks that we can consumes rich in nutrients so easily boost up metabolism rate by providing extra oxygen to our body. proper metabolism would ensure proper blood regulation which will be help full in weight loss and keep the weight it is a best to drink this natural beverage instead of other diet shakes and energy drinks.
Coconut water helps to improved skin health and vitality and also contributing to the aging process
Exemptions of the coconut juice intakes.
Even if we have said that the juice from coconut can be taken by anyone, the following should not take the juice;
· Those who are suffering from diabetes
· Those who have kidney diseases
These people are exempted from taking the juice because of the sweet taste of the juice which may have an adverse effect to them. but it may helpful in the treatment of urethral stones of kidney.
How to use the coconut juice.
After you have opened the coconut, the juice should be drunk immediately. It should be noted that the juice shouldn't be left for half an hour so as to be drunk. This includes the fridge storage. The person drinking it should do so immediately the coconut has been opened. At the current situation, you should keep eyes open just in case of bleach. Thus, it would be better if you buy the coconut from the farm and drink its juice when you feel like.
Food for thought-should you buy the coconut juice online.
Since a lot of products have now given way to the online market, there is need for you to establish if you can get the coconut fruits online. Take notice that I have not said coconut juice but fruits. The reason is that it is always advisable to open the coconut yourself so that you can be sure of the content which you are drinking. You of course don't want to drink water in the name of coconut juice-or do you?
Taking a few minutes on the internet will help you to have another lighter option of how you can easily get the coconuts in a convenient way, which is if you have challenges in getting the coconut fruits. The advantages of online buying are that you can be surprised that the cost of these fruits is even cheaper than what you are buying at the next shop. You just need to look for the safest dealer and then make transactions and after all is said and done, the coconut fruit are shipped to your house and then you are ready to have the coconut juice for your family.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get Your Stair Lift Installed by a Company That Values Safety

If you plan to get a stair lift installed in your home, you should make sure the company you choose has a track record of holding safety and quality in high regard. Otherwise, you could end up injured, or at least having to pay for a product that does not work properly. Get to know the reasons why you should only select a high quality business for this job.
Safety should be your number one priority when selecting the business to install your new stair lift. As you can imagine, you could be badly injured if the product was not installed correctly, since it could fall the minute you reach the top of the stairs. Even if the entire product doesn't fall, parts of it could malfunction or break off, putting you at risk of falling or being cut by sharp parts. This is why you need to make sure the company you choose has no pending lawsuits or any history of customers being injured due to a bad installation.
Even if you do not get hurt while using your new stair lift, you could be inconvenienced if it stops working. You do not want to be stuck on the stairs, especially if you live alone, since you would be unable to reach a phone to call for help. Even if you are able to get off the broken product after it malfunctions, you would need to get it fixed before you could use it again, leaving you without an easy way to get up and down the stairs.
Not only would you be unable to use the stairs when you have a broken stair lift, you would also have to pay to get it repaired. If your budget is already tight, this can be an issue, leaving you with a broken item you cannot afford to fix. This is why you need to not only make sure the business you choose will the item properly, but can also affordably service it if it breaks in the future. Many companies offer a warranty, which means they will fix the issue for free, or even give you a replacement so you never have to worry about not having the money to repair it.
Fortunately, there should be a few companies near you that can install a stair lift carefully, as well as giving you the peace of mind that a warranty brings. You might have to research a bit to find such a company, but the result will be worth your time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your Spinal Surgeon Is Wrong

There are all kinds of injuries and diseases of the spine that can warrant having a surgical procedure done. There are also many non-surgical options for those who are not experiencing dramatic issues. There are times when an injury or disease lies right in between, and often two different doctors will have differing opinions regarding the best course of action.
Surgical procedures for the spine can include implants, which are often used to produce a natural effect of the area in question. There is a potential for a life long benefit when you replace defective or deteriorating discs with implants. There is also a risk that the spine and surrounding tissue will never really be the same or fully recover.
Because the back is such an intricate place to tend to, many patients are highly fearful of having any kind of surgical procedure done on the spine. Even those in pain severe enough to reduce the quality of life to a rather minimal level are often unable to really feel comfortable with the idea. It may be necessary for patients to become entirely disabled before relenting to implants because of this fear.
If you are not sure whether or not such an option is really right for you the emotional turmoil can become overwhelming. You do not wish to live in pain. You also do not wish to have surgery unless there is no other way to get relief.
Advances in technology and science have merged to create optimal conditions for patients who may qualify for other types of relief. The regenerative medicine field is exploding with opportunities for physicians as well as patients to experience a more comfortable transition into disc replacement and other aspects of spinal pain relief.
The reproduction of actual human tissue taken directly from the intended patient can be the best option. Of course, this would mean that you have to be willing to see a surgeon that offers regenerative medicine and discuss the potential benefits. This might mean traveling, and in some cases you may risk losing your primary doctor on the case.
Adult stem cells and neck surgery or spinal surgery can come together to create a good option for those who are eligible. The idea is to use minimal surgical techniques and use the cells that come from the patient to have the body work through its own healing process. If you believe or even think your surgeon is acting too quickly you should see a physician that offers such advanced techniques.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fruits for Fatty Liver

We all know that fruits are healthy in many ways, and that's the main reason we encourage our children as well as the elderly to consume a lot of fruits. They're rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins as well as possess various other qualities such as antioxidant properties and more.
How fruits help with your liver
Fruits are perfect if you're looking for a healthy liver because they help in liver regeneration and also with the replacement of damaged cells. But, are all fruits good for people suffering from liver problems? Well, the simple answer would be NO; but, what exactly should you avoid?
First and foremost before we begin mentioning names, you should know why some fruits need to be avoided. If at all the fruits contain a high level of glucose, even though it's perfect for a healthy individual, it's not going to be the best option for people with liver problems. Banana for instance is really high in glucose and you could easily determine other fruits based on their sweetness.
Of course you can still enjoy eating bananas if you love them; but, you should only have a little of them rather than feasting on the fruit.
Some recommended Fruits for fatty liver
There are plenty of fruits that are exceptionally great for fatty liver and some of them include:
Prunes - Prunes are not only delicious, they're also some of the finest fruits for fatty liver. The presence of high levels of antioxidants and fiber makes them an ideal fruit.
Blueberries - Just like Prunes, blueberries too contain an exceptionally high level of antioxidants and dietary fiber. However, another added bonus that they possess is the presence of Anthocyanins and various other substances.
Oranges - Oranges don't just contain the properties of the above mentioned fruits; but in addition to those amazing benefits, they would also help prevent early aging. Therefore, if you love oranges they're not just good for your liver but overall health and beauty.
You should know that fruits are also a rich source of energy and sugars and even though they're really good for your health, too much fruit too isn't recommended. As you know, anything in excess is always bad and that's the reason you should limit yourself to a few fruits each day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

About Brian Berger's Triglycerides

Today as I was driving and running some errands for the clinic I was listening to my favorite: Sports Radio (750 AM). Brian Berger was the radio host and he runs a segment where he has a sports medicine doc on to discuss various injuries to players. At the end of the segment Brian said he was going to get selfish for a moment and as about a personal health issue. Of course I perked up. He had just gone in for a physical and everything was good except for a report of high triglycerides in his blood work. His questions were naturally: 1. What is a triglyceride? and 2. How do you reduce them?. The doc on the radio was obviously caught off guard. He deals with strains, sprains and other sports injuries most of the time. Players aren't asking about triglycerides much. But he did really well describing the problem and offered some info. I thought that there was more to add so I hit up Mr. Berger on Twitter. He said he would be interested in more info so I thought I would share this with anybody who may have a question about triglycerides.
First... I must say that it is very cool that Mr. Berger responds so quickly to his listening audience. Consider me an even bigger fan now.
Now to the triglycerides... This is a fancy word we doctors use to refer to fat that travels in the bloodstream. This is an important measure of health because elevated triglycerides are associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and other nasty things. You might be surprised to know that triglycerides don't necessarily come from eating fatty foods. The bigger culprits are actually sugar and alcohol. By sugars I mean table sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar cane, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose and anything else that sounds like sugar (regardless of the fancy names). You can also add to this list any refined grains such as white flour, bread flour, bleached flour... you get the idea. I'm pretty sure you get what alcohol is too.
"Well wait a minute... What about cutting out fats?" you might ask. After all if you are trying to reduce the level of "fatty acid" in the blood shouldn't you limit the fat? Good question. It turns out that if you are overweight and have extremely high triglyceride levels then reducing fat intake helps. Otherwise it doesn't make a huge difference. If you only have moderatly elevated triglycerides (150 mg/dl-400 mg/dl) then a very low fat diet will probably actually increase trigylcerides! This will also decrease the amount of "healthy" cholesterol (HDLs) in your blood.
Are you a coffee drinker or do you drink caffeinated soda? Cutting back on caffeine has also been shown to decrease triglycerides by about 25% in some cases.
Another good thing you can do to help reduce triglycerides is to be sure to get a good multivitamin/multimineral supplement and Fish Oil. It is almost impossible to get all of the nutrients we need to be as healthy as possible in food these days. Fish Oil helps boost our HDLs. Getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals helps to make sure that your metabolism is working well enough to deal with the triglyceride burden. Another supplement that has been shown in research studies to help is L-Carnitine. Using garlic in your food or taking garlic pills boosts your immune system and... you guessed it... reduces your triglycerides.
On the radio Mr. Berger commented that he was thinking about boosting the intensity of his workouts to help drop triglyceride levels. That's a good move. Exercise is a great way to improve your cardiovascular and heart health. Of course it helps control blood pressure, weight, metabolism and I could go on all day.
So there it is... limit your carbohydrates (sugars), limit your alcohol, take your vitamins, and hit the gym. Trust me. This is the way you want to lower your triglycerides. There are no side effects unless you count all of the other added benefits of getting healthy. To you Mr. Berger and all of those like you, BEST OF HEALTH! (and GO BLAZERS!)
Dr. Jason Young, DC is the founder and chiropractor of Body of Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Corvallils, OR. Dr. Young is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and enjoys treating and training athletes of all sports and skill levels. Body of Health is a high quality wellness center which focuses on treating families, athletes, and people with a wide variety of conditions and attitudes about health. Using some of the latest techniques in chiropractic, massage and evidence based care Body of Health is a one-stop solution to your health needs because YOUR Health Matters!.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 'Prescription Pain Pill' Epidemic

Illicit street drugs were once the major cause of death by drug overdose, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports a new epidemic at hand-prescription pain pill overdoses.
The CDC reports that overdoses from prescription painkillers such as methadone, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and oxymorphone have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. Reports taken in 2008 show that an estimated 15,000 people died in the U.S. from a prescription pain pill overdose, more than those killed fromstreet heroin and cocaine combined. Further, this number represents three times as many deaths than in 1999 from prescription painkillers; the use and abuse is on the rise.
Alarmingly, this epidemic does not represent only the adult population. The CDC reports that 1 in 20 Americans, ages 12 and older, are using prescription pain medication non-medically or without a prescription simply to get "high." Teens are stealing pills from their parents and other family member's prescription bottles. If you have been prescribed a narcotic by your physician, please be sure to keep it locked in a safe place where your child or teen cannot access it.
Prescription pain pills have become so popular that there is a 'black market' on the street for them. These pills are now just as easy to buy on the street without a prescription as cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs on the street.
Prescription narcotics such as methadone, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and oxymorphone can be very dangerous if not taken according to the prescription. People seeking new ways to get high have begun to crush these drugs and snort them, smoke them, and inject them like cocaine, heroin and other street drugs to get high. Since many of these drugs are opium based, they can have the same addictive effects as heroin and morphine and cause the same kinds of health issues, including death.
Health issues that can stem from prescription drug abuse include: infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS; hepatitis; organ diseases and organ failure including liver, kidney, heart and lungs; pneumonia and other respiratory complications; pregnancy complications and damage to the fetus; and risk of accidental overdose resulting in death.
If you are abusing prescription pain medicine, find a drug and alcohol treatment center today that specializes in neuroscience technology and integrated care. An advanced treatment center with modern brain scan technology and integrated support services can provide you with a personalized program that addresses your physical, emotional, psychological, and neurological needs for a complete and sustainable recovery. Stop hurting yourself and those who love you. Reclaim your life!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choose The Right Antiperspirant That Suits Your Body

The problem of excessive perspiration is known as hyperhidrosis. There are many factors which can lead to the problem of excessive sweating in one's body. Factors like biological changes or physical developments, hormonal imbalances, unhygienic lifestyles and other medical conditions can cause excessive sweating. Although the entire body tends to sweat, the armpits are mostly the areas which are worst affected by the sweating. However this might differ from person to person and the problematic areas can vary from the armpits to the back, the feet, the hands or even the forehead. The good part about this is that if you use an antiperspirant you can easily avoid the perspiration and therefore the smelly odour.
The demand for antiperspirants is on a rise and therefore the number of the competitors in the market has increased. There is a large variety of different antiperspirants available in the market nowadays and you are well advised to choose the one which meet the personal requirements. This variety manifests itself in different flavours and fragrances of antiperspirants. However, no matter how much you are enticed to purchase those fancy products, you should only purchase an antiperspirant that suits your body and skin.
The skin is the most versatile and biggest part of our body and is generally quite sensitive. Thus, you have to be very meticulous about the products used or applied to the skin. Following are few points that will help you identify the right antiperspirant for your body:
- Know your hyperhidrosis levels: The first and the foremost thing is to identify the levels of perspiration of your body. You must know whether your body perspires excessively, moderately or even normally. In case of excessive sweating you need to use a strong antiperspirant while in other cases you may be fine with any normal deodorant.
- Know if you are allergic: Many people are allergic to various products. Some might be allergic to particular flowers and some might be allergic to food products like lemon, orange, strawberry, etc. The fragrance of antiperspirants with aloe Vera is inspired by natural products like flowers, trees, fruits, etc. Thus before purchasing antiperspirants, you need to know if you are allergic to any kind of fragrance. If you are, then make sure you do not buy an antiperspirant with ingredients you are allergic to.
- Know your skin: Some people have an extra sensitive skin while others have a more resistant skin and they might be okay with everything they use on it. Nevertheless, you should use products that do not harm your skin.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Process of Cell Division That Occurs in the Germ Cells of Sexual Reproducing Animals

Meiosis is generally defined as a process that occurs in the germ cells of sexual reproducing animals. These germ cells are localized in the gonad. The cells in which meiosis takes place are called as meiocytes. The meiosis of gonads is called as ganocytes. The ganocytes are spermatogenesis in males and oogenesis in females.
Meiosis is a type of cell division, where daughter cells receive only half the complement of the originally diploid chromosomes. Meiosis is divided into two stages.
Meiosis-I is divided into four stages.
1. PROPHASE- I: It is the longest stage of meiotic division. It is divided into five stages.
- LEPTOTENE: It is the first stage of meiosis. In this stage the chromosomes appear as beaded structure along the length. These chromosomes move towards one point of nuclear membrane to form the bouquet stage and nucleus becomes prominent. In this stage the nucleus is seen in the center of the cell. Due to the synthesis of RNA for the condensation of chromosomes, the volume of the nucleus increases.
- ZYGOTENE: Homologous chromosomes starts pairing by a process called synopsis. During sub phase the paternal and maternal chromosomes, with the help of homologous sequences come close together and pair with each other along their length. This type of selective synopsis helps in the formation of bivalent synopsis.
- PACHYTENE: In this stage, homologous chromosome of synaptic pair undergoes condensation and the crossing over of non sister chromatids takes place. The dense nucleus at which the recombination occurs appears as a cross (X) when the chromatids begins to separate. This breakage and reunion of non sister chromatids results in the formation of crossed shaped structure (X) called as chaisma. At this module, the non sister chromatids of paternal and maternal chromosomes exchange their segment. This exchange of chromosomal segment is known as crossing over.
- DIPLOTENE: The chromosome of homologous pair starts to repel each other. It starts from centromeric region and moves towards the end. The chaisma are still obtained and the separation of chromosomes further condensed. The number of chaisma may vary which depends on the numbers of homologous sequence in the chromosomes. The shortening of chromosomes continues and this is the best stage to observe chaisma.
- DIAKINESIS: Termination of chaisma is completed in this stage and the chromosome appears either as X or Y or O shaped. The variations of shapes are due to the number of chaisma. After their separation, chromosomes move towards the nuclear membrane. The degradation of nucleus and nuclear membrane takes place. This is the end of the prophase-I stage.
The tetrad chromosomes become condensed and regular. They occupy equatorial plate and centromeres in each chromosome. They are directed towards the opposite poles of the cell. The spindle formation takes place.
The homologous chromosome pair separate apart due to the anaphasic movement. This is caused by the elongation of polar spindles and shortening of chromosomal spindles. The X-chromosomes moves to top of any of the poles. This stage ends with the complete separation of homologous chromosome, thus results in the formation of daughter nuclear content (haploid set)
In this phase the chromosome at each pole organizes in to daughter nuclei. The daughter nuclei are haploid since they have only one set of chromosome, where as the parent cell has two set of chromosomes. In this stage the spindle disappears and nucleus and nuclear membrane reappear. As the result in two daughter cell, one cell has X chromosomes and other without any sex chromosomes.
It is the second nuclear division of meiosis and is similar to mitosis, hence called as equatorial division. It results in the formation of four haploid nuclei. Meiosis-I is divided into four stages
In this stage two daughter cells show changes simultaneously. The centrioles again migrate and divide to form asters. The chromatin threads condense to form a network and chromosomal condensation continues further. The nuclear envelope and nucleolus shows disintegration. The formation of spindle starts during this stage.
It is the shortest stage of meiosis. The chromosome's centromere lies in the equator exactly in right angle to the plane of metaphase I. The spindle fibers formed are of two types, namely chromosomal and polar spindle. The centromere lies in the center and arms of the chromatids radiate towards the opposite poles.
The condensed chromosome at the equator starts moving to their opposite poles. This movement is brought by the elongation of polar spindles and concentration of chromosomal spindles. The chromosomes of cells which are duplicated get separated. In this stage the chromatids are long and thick unlike the chromatids of the anaphase-I
In this stage, nucleolus and nuclear membrane reappears, spindle fibers and asters gradually disappears. The arms of the chromatids get uncoiled and results in the formation of four daughter cells, two with X chromosomes and other without any sex chromosomes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 Simple Body Weight Exercises and Their Benefits

There are many different men's exercises that will help you build and tone muscle that do not require the use of weights or any other training equipment. These are commonly known as body weight exercises.
Adding some body weight routines to a workout program is a great way to maximize its effect and impact. Of course, they are also very handy for times when you do not have access to a Gym, or workout equipment.
Knowing some basic body weight exercises will allow you to do full body workout no matter where you are. Some Basic Body Weight Exercises:
Russian Twists - Russian Twists are a fantastic exercise for building abs.
1 - Assume the standard sit-up position, lying down flat, and place your feet underneath something that you can use for support. Your legs should be net at the knees.
2 - Lift your body so that it creates a V shape with your thighs, your hands should be extended in front of your, and clasped.
3 - Twist your torso to the right side until your arms are parallel with the floor. Breath our while holding the position for a few seconds.
4 - Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side
Hand Walking (Upside Down Technique) - Hand walking is great way to burn fat, build shoulder muscles and develop overall body strength.
1 - Using a wall for support, assume the handstand position
2 - Your arms and legs extended straight. (Your arms should be about two foot out from the base of the wall)
3 - Using your hands like legs, you walk sideways along the wall
Close Grip Push-ups: - Push-ups in general provide a great upper body workout, but using the Close Grip method will focus the exercise on the triceps.
The Close Grip method is very similar to standard push-up, except instead of your hands been either side of your body, they are closer together, underneath you, thumbs nearly touching.
Chair Dips: - Chair Dips are an excellent way to work and build your triceps. As the name suggests you will need some chairs (two) to perform this exercise.
1 - Place two chairs facing each other, about three feet apart.
2 - Sit on one of the chairs, gripping either edge with your palms
3 - Place your heels on the edge of the other chair
4 - Move slightly forward so that you clear the edge of chair you are sitting on
5 - Lower yourself so your elbows are at 90 degrees, and return to the starting position. (Repeat for as long as you can)
Sissy Squats - Do not be fooled by the name! Sissy squats target the hamstrings, calves, and quads.
Sissy squats are similar to standard squats, except instead of standing straight you lean slightly backwards.
1 - Starting in the upright position, set your feet apart at shoulder width, toes pointing forwards
2 - Bend your knees slightly and lean your upper body backwards (maintain a comfortable balance)
3 - Lower your upper body bending your knees as you do so, descend as far as you can then return slowly towards the starting position
4 - When you return to the starting position, do not straighten your knees completely.
There is no end to amount of body weight exercises that you can perform, for every exercise machine that you find in a Gym, you will find a body weight exercise that can replicate it.
As beneficial as body weight exercises are, alone they are not enough to build a body of steel, with shredded muscle and washboard six-pack. To get the most from body weight routines they should be included as part of balanced workout program.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 Great Ways To Maintain Your Youth

Staying fit into your golden years is something that anyone can do with the right practices. It is surprisingly easy to maintain your youth if you know what to do.
Get Flexible with Yoga
Everyone knows that yoga involves stretching and many people ridicule it as not being "real" exercise. However, it serves a very important purpose, particularly as you age, in keeping you flexible and your joints aligned. Being fit and supple will allow you to prevent many strains and potential aches and pains.
Start Lifting Weights
As we get older, it is natural to lose muscle mass. You can prevent this by starting a weight training routine. This is something that men and women alike should do. Even light lifting will help you maintain those muscles and prevent them from atrophying.
Stay Young with Massage
Who doesn't enjoy a good massage now and then? What you may not know is that this is one of the best ways to stay young. That massaging helps keep the blood flowing to all parts of your body, not just the most vital (brain, internal organs) parts. Massages actually help eliminate toxins that build up in the muscles, helping keep the body clean.
You will feel revitalized after a massage, but more importantly, your body will be freshly oxygenated and healthier, too. On top of all that, the stretching out of the muscles helps promote flexibility and will ensure you keep a full range of motion, no matter your age.
Eat Well, Live Well
You are what you eat, or so they say. By the time you reach your 50's, you should have a pretty good idea as to how true this is. Eating healthily will keep you healthier in general, which means you will be able to do more. Not only does the right food energize your body, it can help improve your overall lifestyle, right down to making you sleep better.
Unfortunately, many people hitting middle age find themselves battling completely preventable diseases. Obesity, diabetes, strokes and heart problems are just a few of the issues that come with poor eating. By cleaning up your diet, you will see a drastic improvement in your health and your body will reflect that.
Take up Interval Aerobics
Interval aerobics may seem scary at first glance, but they are great for boosting that heart rate and increasing your aerobic capacity. Alternating slower aerobics with very intense bouts of high energy movement will tone your heart and lungs and keep your body in optimum condition. It is easier to manage your weight this way, as well.
Take control of your body and your health to enjoy more exciting tomorrows.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Know Thyself

My coaching process is largely based on helping my clients to develop and then ponder "powerful" questions. Many of these questions, at their core, deal with my clients values - more plainly put, these questions deal with what's really important to the person.
Values are the ideas and principles we hold most highly in our lives. They are personal and unique to each individual. It is through our values that we define ourselves. They are our magnetic north, and by following our values, we find our true selves.
It's important for us to identify and understand our personal values, because it's important to know and then understand who we really are. Going through the act of discovering our values can give us the opportunity to realize, not only what is truly important to us, but also which of our values we may have been holding onto that aren't actually ours at all.
Many of our "values" have been unconsciously inherited from our parents or our social environment, and when we do this work we may come to find that we have no, or little actual investment in some of them at all. We may, in deed, find that there are some other things that are important to us that we may have never consciously considered.
After our values have been identified, they should be placed in a hierarchy. This way we can be clear about which things in our lives are deal-breakers and which, while still important, can slide aside to accommodate someone else.
Once we understand what our values are, we can engage the concept of personal integrity. The first part of this concept is telling yourself the truth. The second part is aligning your thoughts and your actions with your values. And, the last part is holding your values as commitments and then keeping your commitments to yourself.
Communication is greatly enhanced by having a conscious handle on who we are. When we know what our values are, we have a tool by which we can measure who we're being against who we are, or at least who we want to be. This tool also enables us to have basic fact based conversations with others about who we are from the perspective of what's important to us. We can talk about what we need, what we want, and where we have wiggle room.
Aside from the fact that this process of discovery will help us to know who we are and to be able to communicate that, we will then also have a clearer ability to identify, understand, and handle value conflicts. (Most conflicts are value conflicts, both internal and external, and one telling sign is the discomfort of stress.) The next time you're upset you can ask, "Which of my values is being stepped on?" or "Where am I standing outside of my values?" Then you can address that issue directly.