Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your Spinal Surgeon Is Wrong

There are all kinds of injuries and diseases of the spine that can warrant having a surgical procedure done. There are also many non-surgical options for those who are not experiencing dramatic issues. There are times when an injury or disease lies right in between, and often two different doctors will have differing opinions regarding the best course of action.
Surgical procedures for the spine can include implants, which are often used to produce a natural effect of the area in question. There is a potential for a life long benefit when you replace defective or deteriorating discs with implants. There is also a risk that the spine and surrounding tissue will never really be the same or fully recover.
Because the back is such an intricate place to tend to, many patients are highly fearful of having any kind of surgical procedure done on the spine. Even those in pain severe enough to reduce the quality of life to a rather minimal level are often unable to really feel comfortable with the idea. It may be necessary for patients to become entirely disabled before relenting to implants because of this fear.
If you are not sure whether or not such an option is really right for you the emotional turmoil can become overwhelming. You do not wish to live in pain. You also do not wish to have surgery unless there is no other way to get relief.
Advances in technology and science have merged to create optimal conditions for patients who may qualify for other types of relief. The regenerative medicine field is exploding with opportunities for physicians as well as patients to experience a more comfortable transition into disc replacement and other aspects of spinal pain relief.
The reproduction of actual human tissue taken directly from the intended patient can be the best option. Of course, this would mean that you have to be willing to see a surgeon that offers regenerative medicine and discuss the potential benefits. This might mean traveling, and in some cases you may risk losing your primary doctor on the case.
Adult stem cells and neck surgery or spinal surgery can come together to create a good option for those who are eligible. The idea is to use minimal surgical techniques and use the cells that come from the patient to have the body work through its own healing process. If you believe or even think your surgeon is acting too quickly you should see a physician that offers such advanced techniques.

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