Thursday, October 4, 2012

Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that involves applying a laser light to the skin in order to remove unwanted hair. This procedure can successfully remove hair from the face, bikini line, abdomen, legs, arms, thighs and chest. The number of people seeking to get laser hair removal has increased drastically in the past couple of years. This procedure has gained popularity because it is a great alternative to other hair removal methods. However, there are still a lot of uninformed opinions about this perfectly safe process. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about this procedure:
Myth #1: It is permanent
One of the main reasons that many people opt to get laser hair removal is because they think that the results are permanent. Even though there have been several cases reported of people who have never had to shave or wax again after getting this procedure, permanent results are not guaranteed. The light from the laser damages the follicle. This makes it harder for the hair to grow, but it may not stop the growth completely. If the hair does grow back, it will be lighter and sparser than it was before.
Myth #2: You do not have to go a medical clinic
Laser hair removal is commonly performed at spas and beauty shops. However, it is best to go to a doctor-supervised clinic to get this procedure done. Most of the complications that have reported occurred as the result of a person getting this procedure done by someone who was not qualified.
Myth #3: The procedure is extremely painful
Pain is one of the things that deters people from getting laser hair removal. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure is not extremely painful. Even though the threshold of pain can vary from person to person, most people compare the pain to being popped with a rubber band. In fact, some people have even stated that it is less painful than electrolysis or waxing. Furthermore, a cooling gel will be applied to the skin prior to this procedure, which can also reduce the pain.
Myth #4: The procedure is not effective on certain skin colours
Even though laser hair removal works best on fair-skinned people, it can still be performed on dark-skinned people. The technician will simply have to use a different type of laser. Thousands of dark-skinned people have had success with this procedure.
Myth #5: This is expensive
While the actual procedure is quite expensive, many people can still afford it. People will only have to get four to six treatments before they can see the results. Laser hair removal can actually help a person save money over time because it reduces the need to wax or use electrolysis.
Myth #6: This is dangerous
Laser hair removal is an extremely safe procedure. This procedure only damages the follicle. The laser does not penetrate deep enough to affect the internal organs.